Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Homemade Baby Wipe Solution

We emphasize meaningful homemade gifts quite a bit around here. That means we get a lot of beaded necklaces and pipe cleaner ornaments from little ones for Christmas. It also means our older children have continued to be creative as they grow and their ideas and creativity have grown with them. That said, I do believe that the award for Most Entertaining Homemade Gift Idea Ever must go to Abbi! I came out of my room a few days before Peter's birthday to find her "making Peter's birthday present". She had torn several paper towels off of the paper towel roll, gotten out the baby wipe solution that we keep in a spray bottle, doused the baby wipes well and "wrapped" them in paper towels with masking tape.
What a great idea for a gift for such a little one, she was quite proud of herself ;).
Here is the recipe we use for our baby wipe solution:
1 cup of filtered water
1/2 TBS. distilled white vinegar
1 drop lavender oil
1 drop tea tree oil
We keep it in a spray bottle and have specifically designated our baby wash clothes as baby wipes. When we switched to cloth diapers several years ago it only made sense to switch to cloth wipes as well, though we still used paper wipes occasionally until Peter was born. We tried several different brands with him but his skin couldn't handle any of them so I haven't bought a box of paper wipes in months. If we're using paper diapers for some reason we just use paper towels instead of the cloth wipes so we can throw them away with the diaper. Since we've perfected our baby wipe solution and switched to AIO diapers, cloth diapering has become a breeze! Even during this busy, busy season while we're trying to sell our house we've been using cloth diapers. Aside for the five minutes it takes to start and switch the load it is no more difficult than paper diapers! On top of the health benefits and cost savings, it makes a great gift too! What's not to love? Haha :).

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