Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yet Another Great Update on Abbi!

Well, it wasn't all in my head. Abbi is doing great! We took her in to get her weighed yesterday and after almost two weeks of merely maintaining her weight she gained four ounces in 48 hours! The pediatrician and lactation consultant had said they would be happy with an ounce or two! When the pediatrician came in to check on her all he could say was, "Wow. That's wonderful! Wow..." over and over :). I'm taking Fenugreek, eating a ton of oatmeal, drinking a lot of water, and nursing...nursing...nursing..., does anyone have any other suggestions? They both noticed that she was a much calmer, more content little girl. She's still not having as many messy diapers a day as I think she "should", but at least she's having them! And her little tummy isn't hurting like it was. She hasn't screamed for a few days now, though she still has her occasional fussy times like all new babies. I am so thankful that we have got a plan and it's working, praise the Lord! She's sleeping peacefully in my lap right now :).

We got our first "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" comment the other day at the grocery store, and we only have five! We don't have cable and it has been a while since I've seen the one episode I've ever seen so I pulled up some clips online to see who we were bringing to the mind of the cashier. Bri and I got a kick out of a few things that we've never seen anyone else do like we do, for instance when they pulled a step stool out of their van for the little ones to get in. Even I need to use the stool or get a hand from Lee to get into our 15 passenger van. For the most part though I saw NO correlation whatsoever. First of all, I've got it easy comparatively!!! Mine come one at a time and I have big girls (11 and almost 7) to help! Second, Lee and I don't talk to each other in the midst of our worst disagreements with the tone they seem to do on a regular basis! They do appear to love each other in a way, but the seemingly constant animosity would drive me insane! Whew! I loved the clip where she put one boy in time-out and a minute later she looks down with an adoring grin at one of her little ones and says, "Hello", then realizes it is the offender who should be in time out ;). It was interesting anyway :).

I'll keep you updated on Abbi's progress and maybe I'll get some other blogging done, like her birth story, now that the decibel level has gone down a little bit around here :). 


  1. Don't laugh, ice cream helps, too. Honest!

    I also found that having oatmeal in cookies was very helpful.

    Really! You may find that you won't have to keep up your supply once it's up to her level of intake. Her nursing becomes the cue, just like the other kids.

  2. Hi! I used Red Raspberry Leaf tea. A year and a half, after my second blessing, I had the flu, and I decided to try the Red Raspberry as an anti-viral. I probably drank 5-6 cups of it. The next day I was ..... in pain because it had enhanced the milk production to such an extent. I was trying to wean at the time, so I stopped taking it! My Mom took a concoction called "black drink:" a 'squirt' of blackstrap molasses and 1 tbsp brewer's yeast blended together with soymilk or water. I believe she also put in some powdered vitamin c. This delivers a powerful energy boost at night if taken with the powdered C. I also took alfalfa pills during and after pregnancy to build up the supply. God bless you during this time of wonder! Children are a precious gift.


  3. I'm so glad to hear! Praise God!! :)

    Enjoy your tiny baby, they grow so fast, I'm sure you already knew that! LOL :)

    I'm so happy for you, my friend! :)

  4. He told me about your family. We are a family with 6 kids here in Columbia with many of the same views. Just wanted to say Hi and maybe we can get together sometime. I know you have the precious little one though. My email is

    Email me sometime! By the way, Great news about your little one!