Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In Which Abbi Takes the Term "Daddy's Girl" a Little Too Far...

I have mentioned that Abbi had some nursing issues until pretty recently. She simply didn't care to nurse. Or, she would act as if she wanted to, but would start screaming as soon as I would start trying to feed her and keep it up until I gave up or she fell asleep. A week ago today was Lee's first full day back at work, as in 12+ hours, open to close. Abbi nursed nicely that morning but after that first feeding of the day she refused to eat anymore. I wasn't too concerned at first, I let her go back to sleep and tried again when she woke up, still she wouldn't eat. This went on all day until eight hours later when I started panicking and Lee decided he needed to come home early to calm us both down ;). When Lee arrived home I was back in our room bawling and holding a screaming Abbi, who I was sure was starving to death. Lee calmly took her, cooed at her saying, "You need to eat good for Mama", handed her to me...and she went to town. For almost an hour. I was simultaneously crying and laughing hysterically. You should have heard her little tummy fighting over that food. 

The next day she ate great for that first feeding, but at the second she started in again. I called Lee and put him on speaker phone. Guess what? I kid you not, she calmed down and ate "good for Mama". It didn't work the next time but within 24 hours she was eating pretty consistently for the most part so there were no more meltdowns (of mother or baby) over meals :). 

Now, isn't that one for the baby book ;)?

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  1. That is cute and amazing how she calms down when daddy talks to her.