Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bath Time?

Andrew loves bath time! He comes running any time he hears the water start in the children's bathroom, even if it isn't for him. I was running the water for Tori's bath the other day and Andrew came up and leaned over the tub watching the water as usual, the next thing I knew he just climbed in, fully clothed and uninvited! Haha :).

Doesn't he look content...?

I was telling my sister about it on the phone a couple of days later and after we had hung up I told the girls to start getting ready for bed and went to vacuum. Guess where I found Andrew when I was done???

He had climbed into the bathtub, *with* a bowl of potpourri. I guess he wanted a scented bath this time ;).
I need some water mom...

It was so funny after the conversation I had just had with my sister so I ran for my camera to take some pictures to email her.


Incidentally, out of four children this is the fourth child that has consistently enjoyed making huge messes with my potpourri. I should scan in the pictures I have of all of them with their favorite potpourri messes sometime, it could make for an amusing post. I am happy to say that after four children I have finally gotten smart. After I cleaned the potpourri out of the bathtub I threw it away and all of the rest of it too, I am through with the stuff until I run out of toddlers! Our poor new baby will be deprived of the potpourri experience...

Isn't he cute though...?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Least Favorite Part of Couponing...

Filing the coupons :P...

I dislike it so badly that I often have a few weeks to file at a time which is a big mess!
Believe it or not, by the time I was done they all fit nice and neatly into my little black couponing box. I file them in several categories (dairy, baby products, paper products, etc) with one envelope per category and I file them by expiration date in the envelopes. It is kind of tedious to do (though it wouldn't be nearly as bad if I would just do it every week!) but it makes them super easy to find and every week as I file the new ones the expired/ing ones are right at the front of each envelope to throw away or as a reminder to use them very soon if the are good enough to use even without a sale.
But it is worth it :).
Here is what we got on our shopping trip a few weeks ago...
(especially note all of the "free" chocolate!)

Total value of all of the product: $343.17
Total we spent in Extra Care bucks(not including the many we simply rolled over), register rewards, and cash out-of-pocket: $23.63!
And the Extra Care Bucks we earned...

The next week we bought  several packages of diapers, sippy cups, and much more for a total of about five dollars spent and last week we were paid $6.00 to buy 10 bags of M&M's! We are set for popcorn and M&M nights for months!
Not bad...