Saturday, December 1, 2007


   Yes, I realize that the Christmas season is upon us with the supposed cold and snow, etc., that goes along with it (not that we're likely to see any of it here in sunny South Carolina), but I am still playing catch up! Remember that trip we took at the end of August and the additional pictures I was going to share :)? Well here they are, finally...

   Note the absence of a certain little boy in most of these pictures. He wasn't feeling very photogenic that day. Lee had me get in a few pictures with him (see my avatar) just so we could get some and I'm so glad he did. Now I can remember with a smile that that is me with allll of my children.

Have a blessed day in Him!


  1. What sweet pictures! The ones with the 3 girls are precious. It is hard to catch little ones in pictures... Little Andrew is a cutie. I also really like your new avatar with all your babies, such a beautiful picture. You are such a sweet mommy and friend. :)

  2. You were indeed with all of your children - Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family!