Saturday, October 20, 2007


   I got a negative hpt and the other health issues appear to have cleared up without any sort of surgery. The last couple of days before I got a negative I felt really awful physically! I think it was my really messed up hormones trying to right themselves.
   Lee and I named the baby Micah and we bought a tiny New Testament and had the baby's name engraved on it as a reminder that we don't have our child here with us any longer but we haven't "lost" our baby. As one lady pointed out, our baby is more found than we are right now! Our little lamb is safe in the presence of Jesus himself.
   Thank you so much for all of your prayers. This has been a tough time, but God is good and the support I've felt from so many of you, my sisters in the family of Christ, has been such a sweet reminder of the compassion He has for us.


  1. Wishing you many blessings as you travel this road. I, too, know the feelings of "emptiness" due to miscarriage. You're in my prayers.



  2. Words seem so little, but please know you were in my thoughts and prayers these past weeks.


  3. That is one of the most heartfelt ideas I have ever heard and one that I may do also for my baby Wesley who left us early in 2002. God bless you and I hope to hear back from you again soon.


  4. Big hugs, Shelby! You remain in my prayers!