Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Please Pardon Our Mess...

Site under construction.
Husband going crazy.
The Husband

If you see a problem please let me know.
I think I have fixed everything but I am not sure.


  1. It looks lovely; I adore the pictures.

    In Him,


  2. I love the new look; the picture's adorable!! :-)

    BTW, I was wondering if you were the person who left the annon. comment on the 19th? Just wondering...not knowing little details drives me crazy! :-)

    Praying for your family...I'm sure this time's been difficult for you. Wish I was closer so I could do more!



  3. I have passed an award onto you!

    By the way, I like your new look, but here on Firefox it is all over on one side. The new pictures are lovely!

  4. Thank you ladies for the encouragement on how well you like the new look. If you have never done template modification before and decide to try be prepared for it to be frustrating but rewarding. It will definitely keep your brain young trying to figure out how to make it do what you want it to do.


    Is the blog still messed up when you open FireFox? I tried it on ours and it was fine. What version of FireFox do you have?

    Thank you again,


  5. Once again he brought to be something even better than what I had in mind :).

    Thank you so much for the award Tanya, that was so sweet of you!!!

    I wish you were closer too Brianna :)!!! I really wish we could find a young lady in our area who was as mature and willing to be used by God as you seem to be, it would have been such a blessing at this time. As for the comment on your blog, no, that wasn't me! You got me curious so I went over to see ;). I would have wanted to know who left that one too, interesting...