Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sugarless Toothpaste

Becoming fluent in reading opens up a whole new world to a five year old. Now is a great time to be teaching her how to read labels because she is constantly doing it anyway, from the back of shampoo bottles to the back of the ketchup bottle, I might as well tell her what she should be looking for ;). Last night as I was starting the diapers in the wash Tori came to me with the toothpaste tube in one hand, her toothbrush in the other and a very "Ah-ha" moment look in her eyes. "I know why we don't like our toothpaste now!!!", she says to me. "Mmmm, why is that?" I asked. "Because it has baking soda in it...and no sugar!!!".


  1. LOL- how funny! :-)


  2. LOL, that is funny!

    Rebecca has really started to read too. Now it is not unusual to find her sitting in the living room with a book and reading to herself. :) Such a big difference from June!

  3. Teach while their young! That's great that she's looking at ALL labels. And I love the conclusion she came to about her toothpaste! Very funny!