Thursday, May 10, 2007

There is Truly Nothing New Under the Sun...

   Countless times in Blogdom I have come across mommies explaining what they see as choppy comments or lack of capitalization/grammar, etc.. I've written a few of them myself. Our reason? Babies in arms ;). I got such a tickle out of reading the following quote out of a letter written in 1754 by Esther Burr (married daughter of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards) in the book Marriage To A Difficult Man: "You will not wonder if you see many blunders for I write rocking the cradle." And in explanation of several blotches on the paper she writes, "Now I write with Sally in my arms for I am resolved to write...".
   It has been a wonderful book so far! I remember when I could get through a book in a day or two. The last few years it has slowly stretched out to the point that sometimes it takes me a month or two to finish a book if I really want to get anything out of it. Could that possibly be because I used to read one at a time and now it is nothing for me to be reading several? There are my books, the books Lee and I are reading together, the books the girls and I are reading, the book I'm reading with Bri, the book I'm...well, I think you get the picture.
   Incidentally, please excuse any mistakes you see in this post, I'm typing with one hand as Baby sits snuggled on my lap in the other :).

   Disclaimer: I know my husband would like me to make a point of sharing that I'm not married to a difficult man. When my nine year old saw me reading it for the first time she said in a teasing sing-song voice..."I'm going to tell Daddy!!!" ;).

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. ~Ecclesiates 1:9


  1. It is funny to try and type with one hand!!!

    That sounds like an interesting book.


  2. I finally finished the book and it was really good! Very interesting and inspiring.

    Ya, it can be pretty funny ;). I'm much better at it now then I used to be :). Maybe I should have kept all of my typos in this post...that would have been interesting ;).