Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Have any of you experienced Dermatographia?

   We've had some interesting things come up lately. Most disquieting to my mother-mind is a little issue Andrew is having. From what I have read it is harmless but I would still really like it to go away. On its own. So, if any of you have experienced dermatographia  and had it go away on its own (or through natural home treatments) I would be so encouraged by your testimony! It doesn't seem to be bothering him, it is just so disconcerting to me to see his face turn bright red every ten minutes! Here is a picture of Andrew after rubbing his eyes with his little fists and his face on my shoulder shortly after waking up from a nap...

The camera didn't pick it up very well for some reason. Anywhere you see red, picture it twice as dark and that would be closer to what it looks like in person.
And here he is about five minutes later, practically flawless skin!

Isn't that odd? I have gotten some great information through a forum I'm a part of, in fact that is how I figured out what was going on in the first place! That was such a blessing to at least have a starting point in my research. But if any of you can share anything else pertaining to this I would be so appreciative.
   I truly believe that during his first round of vaccinations his immune system was overloaded. Not only did he have the same screaming fits that Bethani used to have, but seemingly overnight he developed extremely red patches of dried skin that we have been battling for months now. The same thing that caused his dry skin has now left him predisposed to develop this new problem, especially if he came into contact with an allergen, and allergies are nothing new to our family. Lee has extreme allergy problems and the girls and I all have our own things we can't handle. There is some regret there because I really felt during Bethani's babyhood that God was leading us to stop vaccinating our children and I didn't listen. I was more afraid of what  "man" may do to me than listening to that still small voice and searching the scriptures. In the end, after prayer and study of both the scriptures and from a medical standpoint, we made our decision based on the fact that God puts a high view on the "lifeblood" of a person and we were concerned with injecting pig, chicken and monkey DNA into our children's blood and even more discomforting and saddening was the knowledge that we had been allowing them to be injected with cells grown from aborted fetuses. Other concerns were the levels of aluminum and mercury, among other things, in the vaccinations. If you are interested in learning more about the health concerns with vaccinations I highly, highly recommend the documentary 
The Hidden Truth, that you can watch online. It is long but sooo interesting!  We did not know that this documentary existed until after we had made our decision but it was very confirming from a medical standpoint. I got my spiritual confirmation the day that we went in and had already decided that we were going to tell the doctor our decision and there was a bible verse hanging in the office that really spoke peace to me. I had been kind of nervous about a confrontation with our very vaccination pushing pediatrician but the verse put my spirit at rest and the conversation with the pediatrician actually ended up going surprisingly well!  It probably helped that he had lost his voice that day ;). We'll see how it goes next time when he can actually speak above a whisper. Anyway, we had never seen that bible verse in the doctor's office before and I continued to see that verse throughout that day, it got almost funny :). For information on what ingredients are commonly found in immunizations see here and for a chart of cell lines used see here
   In other news of excitement...I checked up on a credit account yesterday (which I do quite regularly "just in case" there was ever a problem) expecting to owe nothing and learned that our card has been hit with a very large charge that was not made by us. Capital One and Home Depot both gave me the run around so when Lee got home he called back and wasn't on the phone for ten minutes before they had actually done something! Grrr ;). Anyway, they are doing an investigation so it should be cleared up in the next thirty days. The odd thing is they are saying that the card was swiped but we still have the cards in our possession. Irregardless, neither of us have ever been to Tampa, Florida so I'm confident they will be able to get it cleared up. I  just have a nature that is so prone to worry even when my head knows everything is going to work out fine. I guess God is giving me plenty of opportunity to practice letting go and trusting.
   To leave this on a positive note... I spent Wednesday visiting with my mom, dad and sisters with the two littlest littles. It was a very sweet time of fellowship for me, it had been a while since we had all been together. It was the first time Bethani has seen a cat up close, it was so cute. She called the cats everything from bears to doggies ;). Bethani had a ball and Andrew obviously enjoyed himself. It was the first time he has ever gone to anyone without even batting an eyelash since he was a few months old. Hopefully we can do it again soon!
   Lastly, here are a few links for you. My friend
Tanya posted about her family's recent visit with our familyKim C. at Life in a Shoe has a very thought provoking post on technology versus the Bible and Carmon at Buried Treasure is sharing about how the view of contraception by the church has changed over time (The March 22, 1931 Washington Post quote is very interesting!).


  1. Well, there was a lot in that post! I hope you get the charge resolved real soon!

    And that this redness is not anything serious with your son!

    I posted some picts of me on my blog so if you want to see what i look like you can hop over there :)

  2. Hi Shelby!

    God has definitely been working on my heart about vaccines. Sometimes I feel so torn . Thank you for the links. I am praying that my hubby will be led according to His Will on this issue. I appreciate your prayers. I am so sorry that you have had false charges on your card. I am praying for you. I can relate about needing just to cling to Him and not let everything get to me. I am so happy about the nice visit with your family; what a blessing!

    In Him,


  3. Hi Marie! That was a bit of a hodge podge post :). I enjoyed seeing your pictures :).

    I know right where you are at Christine! This is one of those "really big" desicions in our culture because vaccinations are sooo mainstream, kind of like having running water ;), and it is so drilled into us by the medical establishment that they are necessary. I completely understand feeling torn, I spent a lot of time there :). I think that the documentary could help in that regard though.

    When Lee and I make a desicion like this I usually do the gathering of the information* and then we make the desicion together. Occasionally while researching something I'll start to get really uncomfortable with the way we do things and less objective and I know it would make it hard for me to submit to Lee's authority if I make up my mind about it without him if he were to come to a different conclusion. At that point I remind myself that the bible does command that I submit but it does not straight forwardly command "Do not ...", whatever the issue happens to be, so I have to shelve it for a while and God always "makes it" an issue eventually when we are both ready to make an objective desicion that is rooted in scripture and then I will just pull the info I've already gathered and we'll look at scripture and ask to be shown the way we should go. Often in the beginning one of us will think we've been the only one thinking about an issue but after we talk about it we find that the other has been thinking the same thing, we were just both too timid to bring it up because that would require that we make a desicion and follow it :). Sometimes following it is hard, even when you know it's right!

    *Lee has told me he sees this as a way I can be a helpmeet to him, he doesn't have time to always do all of the research, it is easier for him if it is all in one place for him to glean from. Some husbands may see this as being pushy so feel out your husband's idea of a helpmeet before you go with this approach ;).

  4. Lilyofthevalley4May 25, 2007 at 11:39 AM

    We have not done any vaccinations here.

    Again, I'm so glad that you had such a pleasant time with visiting your parents! I was praying for you that day! God is good!

    Hope Andrew's rash clears up too.

    I also hope your credit card gets cleared too.

    God bless you!

  5. Thank you for sharing that you don't vaccinate either Tanya, it is nice to have someone to stand with you but it isn't something you want to ask because I don't want to put anyone on the defensive :).

    We did have a really great time at my parents :).

    Andrew's rash comes and goes it is the oddest thing. We haven't found one particular trigger, I think it is a few different things and the worse his excema gets the more likely the dermatagraphia is to flare up.

    As for the credit card it is still under investigation. There was a second charge on it a few days later but Lee doesn't think it will be hard to clear up and he isn't worried so I won't be either ;).