Thursday, March 29, 2007


   We have spent the first few months of this year re-righting life a bit. With the blessing of two babies so close together I kind of let things go a bit more than I otherwise would have, promising myself that after we had _________ we would catch back up. Having somewhat recently felt convicted in the area of family planning (that we should allow God to do all of it) we have also come to the realization that it is now or never! We need to save the money now...get a hold of our schedule now...become more diligent in training the children now...because we have no idea what the next six months, or the next month for that matter could hold for us. I would hate to feel burdened by a blessing God meant for good by not preparing our hearts, home and family for whatever may come whether that blessing is the opportunity to invite in a surprise guest or joyfully accepting a new baby from His hand! So we are in the middle of a major overhaul; heart, soul, mind and body. I have great plans of sharing what we are learning and doing but it could take me a while to get them all out of the draft phase. Life is a lot of work! But if you just jump in and get it done it is so much better on the other side :). It feels good to go to bed at night knowing that you spent the day looking well to the ways of your household (Proverbs 31:27). When I see where we are right now compared to where I would like to be it kind of makes me feel a bit overwhelmed. Kind of like the feeling I got looking at our girls room a few months ago when we decided it was time to attack without mercy ;)...  


But in the end I know it will all be worth it when we can kind of sit back a bit and realize that we have made it over that hill and the view ahead is so much more peaceful. I imagine it will feel a bit like it did after we were done in the girls room and were able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors...

There will always be new hills to climb, but I am so thankful that God gives them to us one at a time :).

And just for fun here is a picture of our two littlest ones...

Andrew is only six months old and Bethani is almost 23 months old, I wonder when he will bypass Bethani in size!? He is very healthy :).


  1. That is so awesome! We are trying as well to reorganize our home. I've written a list that goes through each room in our house - listing things to change and projects to do! The girls room looks great - I'm impressed!!!!


  2. Girls room looks wonderful. Doesn't it feel so rewarding when you look at a tidy room that was once very messy? We just did that last week with the girls room. :)

    Your two youngest are both adorable. :)

    Once again I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  3. Thank you Marie :)!

    Yes Tanya, it does feel so good to get something like that accomplished! for the schoolroom/dining room/office :). I'm not sure there's much hope for such a multi-faceted room :).

  4. Your diningroom sounds like ours, minus the office. It sure is a hard one to keep tidy..... :) We are still working on finding a way that will work and yet be very useful.

  5. Well, if you DO find a way PLEASE let me in on the secret ;).

  6. Ok, I will. LOL :)

  7. Andrew is so adorable! And that's amazing (and really neat) that the Duggar family is going to have another one! God blesses each and every one of so abundantly, doesn't He?


  8. ArrowsInOurQuiverApril 5, 2007 at 6:58 AM

    Hey! I was so happy to find your blog! Your family as well as your convictions sound much like ours! We have been in the exact same place! We have 2 children, one on the way....God is doing ALL of our family planning too. I believe that's the way He intended it to be! That's the most important and treasured aspect of our life...we say we trust Him with our whole heart, but there are always these little pieces that we like to hold onto or make the common sense excuse. God knows what He is doing and we trust Him completely with all of our little blessings! We can't wait to receive as many more as He will give us! When people ask how many children we want, we tell them "As many as God will give us" They always laugh as if we are joking...then we give them the same answer when they ask again...most are shocked! I think our society has so bought into this "Birth Control" phase that we have lost sight of the things that really matter and replaced them with the convience and materialistic movement....At the cost of our most precious treasures....Our children! Thanks for your blog, Hope to see you at mine!

    Oh, It's great to hear about the Duggars! Do you know them personally? I have tried to be in contact with them in the past, but have been unsuccessful!


  9. Thanks Tanya ;)!

    Yes Melanie, God is so good and graceful to bless us all so abundantly :).

    Hi Charity! How nice to meet you :). I completely understand what you mean. While my husband and I were talking about the birth control issue we were really hesitant for a while but in the end we couldn't figure out why we could trust Him in absolutely every other area and yet not this one when we felt that God's word very clearly says that He opens and closes the womb and that He has a plan for us and that that plan is not to harm us but to prosper us, to give us a hope and a future. We truly don't want to do anything to tamper with God's plan for us though I don't doubt that we probably do that very thing unwittingly every single day in one way or another :(. He's still working on us :). I 'm still close enough to that "moment of desicion" to remember how hard it is to make, especially for our sweet husbands who have been given the responsibility to provide for us. Having a baby is one of those things you can't just take back later ;). But once we made the decision it has become even more clear that this was God's plan. Oddly enough, this post-partum has been the first since making this decision and we thoroughly expected to become pregnant right away because I've always resumed fertility really early, within weeks even though I nurse on demand for feeding and for comforting, and we have never had to "try" for a pregnancy, any time we were ready we just let it happen and it would, right away. This time, as far as I know, we have yet to resume fertility and Andrew is half a year old. I think it is God's way of confiming to us that He does control conception :). I'm so glad that you found my blog to be a blessing to you and I hope you will be back :). I'm going to hop over to check you out now :).

  10. Forgot to, I don't know the Duggars personally. I got my info from a lady who lives down the street from them. Have a lovely day :).