Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Sure Am Glad the Shipping Was Free...

   A couple of days ago Kim C. from Life In A Shoe alerted everyone to this great deal. We ordered our 5,000 sheets of white copy paper for $16.10, which is even cheaper than my husband's home office gets it for through their contract, and it arrived today.

While it was exciting to us it probably wouldn't have made it to blogging status if it weren't for this box...

In order to use the ten dollar off coupon you had to spend a certain amount and after the initial discount the paper alone wasn't enough...add a .29 box of paper clips and you've made it.
Yes, that huge box, nearly the size of the box that holds 5,000 sheets of paper, was holding a .29 box of paper clips...

And yes, that is a huge gash in the side. I'm kind of surprised there was anything in it at all by the time it got here! They really did pack my paper clips very well on their end though...

See them hiding in there?
Sooo funny!

Have you had your giggle today ;)?

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..." Proverbs 17:22a


  1. How funny! Thank you for the laugh!

    In Him,


  2. That was funny!!! :)

  3. Now I *have* had my giggle for the day!

  4. I won't use a sheet of that paper without thinking of those paper clips :). That's 5,000 giggles :)!