Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy 1st Day of Spring :)!

   Oops...I'm just  couple days late! We were busy last Wednesday celebrating the beginning of a new season. We went to the zoo and shared a "family basket". It was a very nice day even if we did get started a little late. I imagine about the time we get used to running around with four we're going to have to start all over again!

Here are our littles on the first day of spring last year...

and this year...

...what a difference a year makes!  They grow up sooo fast. See their "big sister/little brother" shirts :).

   We don't do the bunny thing on Resurrection Sunday, but we do enjoy some of the seasonal candies, namely Cadbury's caramel eggs...yum! The girls like jelly beans and we do a family basket from daddy and mommy on the first day of Spring instead of individual baskets on Resurrection Sunday. We also try to include something to inspire them to be creative, not that they really need much help. This year it was sun-catchers they can paint. We also included a special mug/tea cup for each of them just for fun this year that they will enjoy having for our special Tuesday Teas. Andrew got a sippy cup, he's not really ready for it yet but he thought he was and he knew just what to do with it! Even the majority of our sippy cups are pink after three girls.

   After the goodies had found a new home we, I mean Andrew, had fun with the basket ;).

...Bethani had fun too...

   It was very different for us the first year we stopped doing things the mainstream way. Lee and I were raised with Santa Claus and the Bunny, but once we jumped in we realized what a blessing it has been to be able to completely focus on our Savior's birth and resurrection. We still have a few traditions that we have the family basket on the first day of spring instead of individual baskets on Resurrection Sunday...but it is so much easier, in our experience, to point it all back to Jesus when you take the fake stuff out of it. And an extra perk? It seems to be a whole lot cheaper too...

Have a blessed springtime everyone!!!


  1. Lovely pictures! Sounds like you had a nice day! Enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures. :)

  2. We did have a very nice day :). Thank you for your comment Tanya :).