Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We Have a Sitter!

   He's still a bit shaky at it, but he sat long enough for me to take a couple (dozen?) pictures, which is a big deal because my battery was going out so it took awhile for the camera to prepare to take the next one.
   Lee spent some time the day after Valentine's Day taking some pictures for me. I'll share some of the girls in another post sometime, here are a couple of Andrew...

   Bethani has heard "Andrew" and "chubby" in the same sentence so often that when I pulled up his pictures she pointed and shouted, "There Shubby! There Shubby!" ;). Bri posted another picture of him on her blog.
   Remember when I posted about him sleeping through the night? Well, that lasted just long enough for me to get used to it...the last couple of weeks there have been nights I couldn't tell if he has really slept or not! His sleeping habits are actually worse now than when he was a few weeks old! I've hit a phase where one day seems to fade into another...Sleep? What's that? It was a total shock, we haven't had a problem with sleep at this age with the last couple of babies. I just remind myself when he wakes up for the umpteenth time...this is precious bonding time...this is precious bonding time...this is precious bonding time... ;). And it truly is, I really don't mind, I'm just in a constant state of tired in this life season.
   We decided to go with white for Andrew's purity rose, you can read more on what I'm talking about here if you missed it. I was afraid of yellowing with age but nothing else was "right", white symbolizes purity. The idea is he will "collect" one every year and on his wedding day he will add one red rose on his own to present them to her, red and white together symbolize unity. Here is a picture sure to melt the heart of my future daughter-in-law (Lord willing there is one, of course)...

My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways. ~Proverbs 23:26


  1. Sounds very familiar...most of our littles have been great sleepers when they're a few weeks old, but then hit a few months, and reverse. :-)



  2. What a handsome little fellow! Sorry to hear about the sleepless nights. Our Benjamin was sleeping through, but lately he has been waking up too, but he does a have molars coming in, so that may be why. :)

  3. Hi Shelby! He is absolutely adorable. I love your tradition of the white roses. Have a blessed evening!

    In Him,


  4. Brianna~ Since most of your littles are boys...maybe it's a boy thing??? :)

    Tanya~ I thought maybe it was teething with Andrew as well but his teeth have been through for a while and he still will NOT lay alone for more than ten minutes. I will lay him down and he will be OUT, limp and all. Ten minutes later he wakes up screaming!!! If he wasn't so easy to calm I would think he was in pain, from the sound of his screaming. It is almost as if he's so upset at being alone that he senses it even in his sleep. Hmmm...

    Christine~ Thank you :). He is so precious to me, I love having a little boy :).