Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Out With the Old, In With the New...

   I know it is silly but I have kind of a bittersweet feeling at saying goodbye to a year that was so good to me. The birth of Andrew was one of the sweetest gifts the Lord has ever blessed me with. The love of my sweet husband and the protection and provision that he provides is invaluable and I'm so thankful for him every day of the year. The fact that we are all healthy and the girls are growing strongly in their faith and dependence on God is another blessing. Friends we've made and the fact that we weren't required to move right at the time of Andrew's birth are a couple other blessings I can think of.  I pray that this new year has many more blessings in store for us and all of our family and friends.
   We had a fun New Year's Eve. Lee brought home some fireworks and the girls were on pins and needles as to whether it was going to rain or not until we finally got to go outside. As it ended up it was sprinkling on and off but nothing we couldn't handle for a few minutes. Bethani was wide-eyed at the whole event. She loved the sparklers...

But she wasn't too sure about the fireworks themselves ;)...

Andrew was too cute. We have never had a child interested in the fireworks at his age. Bri and Tori slept through their first fireworks. Bethani would watch them on the ground but she wouldn't follow them into the air like Andrew did, he has amazing eye control (is that what you would call it? Hmmm...).

Afterwards we went inside to enjoy the rest of the evening in front of the fireplace making s'mores and roasting marshmallows. My heart about melted when I walked in to the living room and found them all laying on the floor in a row, too cute...

I love those big blue eyes!!!

Bethi's first s'more...

I think she liked it ;).
We're waiting, and waiting.... :).
(Don't worry, it's just sparkling grape juice!)

As the new year ushered in Lee led the family in a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings the old year had brought us and prayed God's hand over us throughout the new year. That annual prayer time is one of my most favorite times of every year.

We are truly very,


very, very

blessed :).

"I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving." ~Psalm 69:30


  1. What a neat way to bring in the new year. I'll ahve to keep this in mind for next year! :) Sweet pictures too. :)


    <br>By the way, Sarah and I received your cards and family letters! :) Did I ever thank you for the b-day card and and sweet note pad? If not, a big belated thank you!!

  2. Tori has had a letter ready for Rebecca for awhile now. I held it back to send with yours but I think I probably should have just sent it! It will be on its way in a day or two.