Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Movie Review "The Thief Lord"

   Hubby brings things home to preview now and then and the other day he brought home a DVD to screen. This one was called The Thief Lord and just looking at the cover he and another employee figured it wasn't going to pass the "spiritually edifying" test. Do not bother buying this movie even if you do see it in a Christian bookstore. There is nothing Christian about this movie. There is one part that takes place in a church, as the boys walk through the church one of them says, "I hate churches, they give me the creeps.". Yep, that is as "churchy" as it gets. Other than that the entire premise behind the movie is that adults are stupid, it is only right for children to live alone and to steal to escape these stupid adults, and it doesn't always pay to be yourself.  The children also run from the authorities after they steal and they try to inflict physical harm on the police in order to "lose" them. There are no repercussions for wrongdoing in this movie and there is magic (a magic carousel that makes you older or younger when you ride it). A six'ish year old (who "used" to be an adult) gets drunk, yes you read that right. There are also a few  "mild" swear words. Are you scraping your jaws off of the floor like I did? On top of all of that it was just poorly done anyway. I hope this post saves someone some money and a couple hours of their life... ;)

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