Thursday, January 11, 2007

Her Brother's Keeper...

Brothers and sisters are each other's keepers.
If they fulfilled their duties in this regard, the
one to the other, life would show fewer wrecks.
They should sheild each other. They should be
an inspiration to each other in the direction of
all noble thought and better life. They should
be each other's gaurdian angels in this world
of danger and of false andfatal paths.
~from J.R.Miller's Homemaking


  1. I like that a lot! Thanks for sharing. Did you get that from a book?

  2. Yes, I got it from J.R.Miller's "Homemaking". It is such a good book! I had heard a lot about it and I finally got it earlier this summer. Miller talks about the different "jobs" of each member in the family and he starts with the wedding itself. The entire first chapter is about the wedding/new marriage. If you haven't read it I highly recommened it :). It really surprises me to read books written "way back when" and to see that they had the exact same issues that we deal with today! At one point in the book (written in the 1880's) he makes a point of saying that you have to make home somewhere with supervision and a place where everyone wants to be or they will end up roaming the streets and getting into trouble. Hmmm, sounds like some homes in our "modern" age! So interesting...

    <br>I have a problem posting comments to homeschoolblogger a lot too. It gives an error message or just won't pull up the page.

    <br>Thank you for your comments, they really help brighten my days :).

  3. So did my message about me having problems commenting come through?

    Anyway, I'm glad I can help brighten up your days, your comments are always enjoyable to read as well. :)

  4. Shelby your children are so beautiful!!!

    Love the profile pic too, do you cloth diaper Andrew?

  5. Yes Tanya, it came through :). Since I took off the double post for you I didn't figure you would care if I took it off too :). I was just at your site and saw all of your comments :). I've been thinking of a give-away too, it might be fun :).

    No Nadine, I don't cloth diaper Andrew. I have very seriously considered it. I tried cloth exactly once with our first baby and gave up. BUT 1) I really didn't know what I was doing 2) I was pretty young and I must admit that I was a bit more selfish about my time and 3) We could easily afford disposable, we only had one baby :). I dislike the cheap disposable diapers, they seem so stiff, I wouldn't want to wear them ;), and with the last two babies they have leaked badly. So, we use Huggies natural fit or something like that. They are really ridiculously expensive even with coupons so I have been seriously researching cloth diapering since Andrew was born. Are you thinking about it or do you already? If you're looking for info Tammy has a great post all about it at this link:

    Maybe you can find what you're looking for there. And if you try it before me let me know how it goes :)!!!

  6. It has been fun, I'm curious about what you will have. :) I think I'll do this again, just have to think of a good excuse. :)

    About cloth diapering, I ahve been doing with our last baby and have enjoyed it a lot! May sound funny, but it is true! I sewed up a number of my own fitted diapers and I also have a number of flats and then you can buy good covers and you are all set. Night time is where I have been having a problem, so I did use diasposibles for then and still had troubles of baby being wet when he woke up to nurse etc... So now I have been using cloth at night time and so far it is not going to bad.

  7. It was great to get your thoughts on the issue :). There are really three things holding me back at this point.

    1) Is it really cheaper? All of the diapers and diaper covers and washer use, etc. it seems awfully overwhelming.

    2) Is it a great transition in work? It seems like so much work :). I guess after a while you would have it down to a routine, right? Of course, if they were really more comfortable it would definitely be worth it no matter what. I always feel sorry for the poor baby after I've put that bulky old paper diaper on them.

    3) I also wonder what if you can't hang them outside? Do they get really, ummm, gross :). We don't have a clothesline, though I've been considering that lately as well. It's just that if we were to put one up I'm sure the fire ants would have a hay day in the shade from the clothes and I'd never be able to use it! (Fire ants love shade...)

    Care to share some more info :)?!