Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Endangered Typewriters and Other Stuff

    Tori was sitting beside me this morning working in her phonics book. After a while she pointed at one of the pictures and asked me, "Mommy, what's that?". "It's a typewriter", I answered. She looks up at me with huge eyes and said, "Wow! I didn't think those were invented anymore! I thought you could just read about them in books now!". I guess she thought they were uninvented? or would that be "extinct" ;)?
   Aside from working at schoolwork we've been very busy getting the house cleaned up and reorganized. At nearly four months Andrew is doing so well and will even play in his exersaucer for a few minutes at a time so it is finally possible to get some stuff done, and boy did the house need it! Andrew has only woken up 3 or 4 times during the night in the last couple of weeks, that has been a blessing, though I admit it reluctantly... We've also been learning and growing in many things spiritually. Does it seem to you that every time you think you've finally "made it" and that you've got it all "figured out" that you look up and see yet another hill to climb stretching before you? Isn't it good of God to be so patient with us, leading us one step at a time. What a wonderful Lord and Savior!
   We are trying the potty training thing with Bethani right now. We're using cloth training pants and we will probably be switching Andrew to cloth diapers at least for a while also to give it a try. Lee made me a clothesline, I said in a comment awhile back that fire ants like shade so maybe we shouldn't put one up but Lee set me right. He said fire ants actually hate shade they like sunshine so he was more than happy to create another shady spot in the yard ;). He does not enjoy battling fire ants. I don't blame him.
  Lee brought home a DVD that he had had to write off because the case came in literally smashed. Some of the DVD's didn't work too well but there was one that had a few movies on them from the 1920's, silent movies. I had never seen a whole silent movie before so that was quite an experience :). After we screened it I put it in for the girls to watch and after about ten minutes Bri said, "Ummm, do they not talk?!". Nope, no talking. After another five minutes or so Tori said, "This is going to be boring!!!", haha! By the end of the movie (over an hour long) I had them rolling (and still interested in the movie) with my running commentary. Now they are begging me to let them see the other silent films on the disc so they can come up with commentary on their own :)!
   I'm planning on doing a give-away in "honor" of my and Lee's 10th anniversary coming up February 3rd. Wow, 10 years! We started off on some pretty shaky feet but I wouldn't change a single thing if it meant giving up what we've got now. He is truly my "knight in shining armor", who ever said dreams don't come true?! But, that's for another post!
   Don't forget to come back February 3rd for the details!


  1. Wishing you an early Happy Anniversary!

  2. I'll check in for sure! :)

  3. and congratulations on 10 years. It's the ones that have endured shaky spots that end up the strongest and lasting the longest, I know cause we've had some pretty low spots in our marriage and we are now at 23 years and going strong.

  4. Thank you for the kind words :). We had a wonderful anniversary :).