Friday, December 1, 2006

Roses in December

   To many people that is merely another cliche but down here in seasonally challenged South Carolina you really can have your roses in December, see...

   They smell amazing too. I guess if I can't have snow a steady supply of roses is a nice consolation :). I have pansies in December too...

   Don't they go nicely with the hanging icicle lights and the snowman wreath on the door :).

   I love snow and I miss it so much. I can't say exactly what it is about true winter weather that makes the lack of it something to actually miss now that we don't get to experience it, seems kind of silly when I try to put my finger on it. Down here we get about two days of winter a year and they come in the form of an ice storm that shuts down the entire state for lack of the proper equipment to cope with that sort of weather. That's after it has emptied every store of every carton of milk and loaf of bread, you're out of luck if you actually need milk or bread :). I would love to take my little people to an outdoor skating rink and sledding, to teach them that snow is not made out of styrofoam...heehee ;)...

   We use the idea of snow to teach the girls about God's amazing creative ability, of their special place in God's creation and most importantly that though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow ~ Isaiah 1:18.

   I caught Bethani and Andrew's first snowball fight ;). Bethani would load him up and he would kick them back out, it was really cute.

   They are actually styrofoam balls that masquerade as snowballs in a basket during the winter season.


   Oh well, we have our roses in December...


  1. I can't imagine having a winter without snow... I guess I would miss it too. :)

    Cute pictures and it looks like you may have received our box in the mail. :)

    Maybe you will all have to come here during our next storm and experience snow, sledding and skating! :) Wouldn't that be fun. :)

  2. Maybe not right. LOL I sent something similar anyways... :)

  3. And we did receive your box in the mail , I think it was the night you left the comments :). It was such fun to get and everything fits great! The "tractor" sleeper/blanket set have become my new favorites. Bethi loves her book! and the s were anxious to start in on theirs also. Thanks!