Thursday, November 2, 2006

My Treasure of Children

Bethani had fun with the pictures :) can you tell...

Well, that is until we actually started taking pictures of them all together. After the first one of those she decided she had had enough :).

I first saw the term "treasure of children" when I read a letter Abigail Adams wrote to her husband dated September 2nd, 1776. It has since stuck with me, what a beautiful reminder of the importance of our children and the meaning of motherhood, every mother is truly a "treasure keeper" :). I don't think there can be anything on earth more important to a parent than the souls of their children, what an important calling it is to keep this very special treasure pure and undefiled for Him.

1 comment:

  1. What sweet treasures you have!! I like treasure keeper and treasure of children.

    It can be hard trying to get pics of all 4 children together, I know!! :)