Saturday, November 25, 2006


  Bethani got to help with the bread making for the first time this Thanksgiving :). She finally got into it but she was hilarious at first. When I first dumped the dough out of the bowl onto the table she said, "Oh dear!". That's a phrase she has recently picked up and she uses it a lot. It is "so cute" and we tell her so often, which could be why she has started saying, "It's tute" quite often as well, haha :). When I started kneading the dough she said, "Disdusting!!!". And when I gave her her own she stuck her hand in it and said, "Ewww!!!". :) She is sooo funny!

The other two girls got a chance to make their own small loaf as well...

Now it's on to Christmas candies...or as Bethi says, "Yum!" ;).

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