Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm Six Weeks Old Today!!!

   Here I am in my first cap. Mom says I'm pretty cute! I've reached 12.5 pounds, none of my sisters reached 12 pounds until their fourth month! What can I say...I like to eat!

   Note: If you were on my mom's blog earlier and saw a bunch of posts that appeared to be nonsense, they were. That would have been my big 18 month old sister Bethani's idea of blogging... ;)


  1. No, I missed them!!! :(

    :) :) :) Does she come and turn off your computer when you are in the middle of blogging or typing a message or something? Benjamin loves to turn mine off....

  2. That was meant for the earlier post.... Anyway, now to baby Andrew, he is getting big and so cute!! Sounds like he is growing well too!! Simply adorable!!

  3. Benjamin does that too?! :) I've gotten wise so she doesn't accomplish her goal as often as she used to...and then she got wise. She's learned how to "skip the middle man" and just unplug the computer directly from the wall!!!

  4. are you breastfeeding?

  5. He's a very good nurser :). It's great to have an excuse to get off of your feet on a busy day like today :). Homeschooling is one thing I can get done from the couch which I'm very thankful for, he wants to eat so often that it's not as easy to get things done that I need both hands for :). I'm thankful for Bri :), she can usually keep him distracted long enough to let me finish whatever I'm in the middle of.