Friday, November 3, 2006

I Got It!

Just moments ago I accomplished something weeks in the making, I caught an "Andrew smile" on camera :). It isn't as big as they get but, hey, beggars can't be choosers you know ;). He is such a serious little guy anyway that you have to catch him at just the right moment to get a big smile and on top of that he is extremely interested in that little black thing (the camera, of course) that mommy keeps sticking in his face and he instantly changes from goofy to analytical trying to figure out what it is :). Anyway, here it is...

Yep, he loves his big sister :)

Here are a couple of others just for fun. These were taken a few weeks and a couple of pounds ago so he's changed a bit since then :).

See that analytical look? If he could talk I believe he would be saying, "What exactly are you doing father?" ;).

I can't believe how much he has already grown :(

I am completely in love! I know I'm "biased" but isn't he sweet :)!? He's easily found his way into all of our hearts and we all have our own special bond with him as well as our own special names we call him. To Lee he is most often "buddy" or "little man", I am more apt to refer to him as "mother's little man" or my sonshine, he is BeeBee to Bethani (she's grown out of calling him "bobby", sniff, sniff...), Bri calls him "little Lee", and Tori has come up with something pretty cute and original herself, she calls him "my little mister" :). And no, he's not going to be spoiled in the least ;)...heehee...

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