Tuesday, October 3, 2006


   OK, perhaps I was a bit ambitious to think that I would be able to get much blogging time for a couple of days. After we got home yesterday from Andrew's 3 day check up (he has very mild jaundice, ha, I thought that was an early baby thing!), Tori's birthday meal at McDonalds, stopping by Lee's store so he could show off the little man, and a quick trip to Wal-Mart so Tori could pick out a cake (there was no way I was going to get it done this year!), I was exhausted! Lee and Tori are out on their father/daughter birthday date right now. Tori's birthday was actually yesterday but we had to divide up the festivities a bit, she doesn't mind having "two" birthdays this year :). While Bri and I wait for our supper to finish I thought I would post a couple of pictures really quick...

A very satisfied birthday girl :). Tori is "a whole hand" now!

Happy fifth birthday Tori, you've had such a great attitude about having to "share" your day this year with so much going on :).

Ohhh! I just can't get enough of that baby sweetness :).

   I promise I'll get my posts out of the draft stage in the near future! Right now I need to go scarf down my food because I know I'll be needed soon...isn't it great :)?! What a precious gift!!! Praise the Lord!!!


  1. You are so blessed! Your daugther is so cute and you baby boy is just scrumptious!

    Say a quick prayer for me if you can...I think I may be in early labour! It's 4:04 am my time right now...


  2. So precious!

  3. I have my comments in the wrong ones!!!! Blushing here.....

    I should open so many windows at once.....

  4. I shouldn't open so many windows at once....

  5. I've been known to do that too, haven't I Nadine ;)? And, at least you spelled your name right! I have a problem with my fingers getting ahead of myself and switching the letters in my name around :).

    I am saying a prayer for you Nadine, any updates?! And, don't forget, if it was a false alarm we will understand PERFECTLY around here ;)...if not, I'm sooo anxious to hear your news!!!

  6. glad to know I'm not the only one!!! :)