Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's Never Dull With a Baby in the House...

Here are a few snippets of recent conversations from the Shaffer household:

 As I was calming the baby the other night he had my hair in his little hands and I offhandedly said, "You're pulling Mommy's hair, Andrew.". At that point Bri, my nine year old exclaimed, "Awww, how cute!!!". We'll see how cute she thinks it is when she's holding him ;)...hee hee.

During four year old Tori's "turn" to hold the baby the other night she commented, "I can't even pick his nose!". No, she wasn't attempting to, I was sitting right there so I know :). I'm assuming she was using it to make the point of how small his little nose is :). Creative, huh?

And my favorite, some of you will remember that we thought that Bethi was going to turn into a big time biter. Luckily she only accomplished it once and the memory of those ten minutes alone in her crib seems to have curbed her attempted habit. Anyway, as I was nursing the baby a couple of days after he was born Bethani came and sat next to me, watching him intently. After a minute she looks up at me and says, "Mommy, baby bites.". Oops :), how do you explain that one to a 17 month old?!


  1. How sweet! :) We have been having a hard time connecting to the internet, so I haven't been online much this week. Also my little ones have been sick with colds, fevers and coughs. Today Benjamin was not feeling well at all and just wanted mommy.

  2. I wondered where you were :)...I hope everyone is feeling better up there. As upsetting as it is when my little ones get sick, there is something precious about those sick-baby snuggles.

  3. Yes, cuddling can be sweet when they are not feeling well, but hard if they are fussing the whole time. :) Benjamin is feeling much better, still a cough and runny nose, but Nathaniel had a fever yesterday, but today was much better, still cough and cold though. The girls cough sounds alot better, so I hope they are all on the mend now!

  4. You've got a point on the cuddling thing there ;). I'm glad everyone appears to be on the mend...