Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Did I Say Things Should Be Settling Down?

   Updated to say: Thank you Diana!!! It worked! After posting my desperate plea for help I popped her in the tub, scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed, let her soak a while and scrubbed some more. It lightened it up drastically but it wouldn't have taken a very clever person to figure out what had happened ;). I just tried out the suggestion Diana left in the comments and Bethi is now as good as new, and now I can truly appreciate the humor in the situation ;). Bethani thanks you as well, mommy won't be catching her every time she runs by to rub some more hoping to speed up the wearing off process :). My oldest daughter (who is really such a big help but can't quite remember that Bethani is not as short as she used to be and is often leaving such things as markers where it could be gotten by little fingers...) suggested using the Mr. Clean magic eraser because it did such a great job on the floor and chair but that just didn't sound healthy to me...

I find the tiny dot on the tip of her nose especially attractive.

That's permanent marker gals...any ideas?

I am trying to focus on the humor in this situation.



  1. Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol takes permanent marker off of hard surfaces. It could work for skin, and shouldn't do any harm to try. Hope this will help.

    Fairly new reader (lurker?) and fellow homeschool mom (of 7) - :o) Diana

  2. It worked! And it was very nice to "meet"you :).

  3. Dear Treasurekeeper,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I was really excited to see my name in "print" in blogdom. It's what I think would be a tiny bit like being published. I have absolutely no time right now to even think of having a blog, but I think it is becoming a dream of mine for the future. Keep on blogging! :o) Diana

  4. It can be somewhat time consuming but I would highly recommend it anyway, you just have to disipline yourself :). I have met some of the sweetest ladies through blogging and it has been such an encouragement because we really know no one of like mind in our area to fellowship with. It's really become fun for the whole family as well :). Every once in awhile when something happens someone will pipe up with, "You have to blog that!"... so funny. I also enjoy having the record of thoughts and memories to save for my children to enjoy later. If you ever do start one, let me know. As the above post proved, there are things I could learn from a mom of seven :)!