Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Are You Through Drew?"

...was my hubby's greeting the other night to our yet-to-arrive Andrew. Kind of catchy, don't you think? Hopefully we won't have to be asking that question for much longer!

We have come up with many theories on what is keeping him:

Theory #1: All of our girls are definitely daddy's girls, maybe I've finally got "mine". I certainly feel like he's attached at the hip already ;)!

Theory #2: He is his father's son, a theory my husband outlined in this post a few days ago.

 Theory #3: He is a boy and I have been indulging my every craving, I mean, his every need of protein (namely hamburgers and ice cream...). Perhaps I need to switch to straight fruits and vegetables... ;).

Theory #4: He is a Shaffer (A variation of "he is his father's son"). Don't tell a Shaffer they can't accomplish something unless you want it the time Bri, our oldest was about a year old (that's over eight years ago!) and Lee and I sat on the couch watching her contemplate climbing into her dolls basket. Lee told her she wouldn't fit, after five minutes and a lot of maneuvering:


So, if this theory is correct, my mistake was saying about three weeks ago, "Surely he can't wait much longer!", and he is now saying, "I'll show you!!!" ;).

Or, most likely...

Theory #5: It's just not his time to be born yet.


  1. Keep us today the day?


  2. maybe today will be the long awaited for day!!! :)

  3. I'll keep you updated. Today isn't starting out any different from most other days so...I don't know :). I can only hope ;). I'm having a lot of contracting but as you can tell from previous posts that is nothing unusual, especially for early morning and late evening. I don't time them anymore because apparently that means nothing for me either :).

  4. This is Joyce's Ramblings saying back in the dark ages I was told when the apple is ripe it will fall off the tree. My MIL said to me she had an old German saying to help me out-Needless to say when I heard the German word for apple I tuned her out. I had 3 boys that were 10 days late each.

    Maybe God gives them more time. My youngest is 40 so they have been waiting for boysfor a long time. BUT it is worth it!!!

  5. ...ten days late each?! Now that will build some character in ya ;). That is one thing I have learned through this experience, I'm not as patient a person as I thought I was :). You had a wise MIL :)...but I still wish he would hurry up and "ripen" :)!!!