Friday, September 1, 2006

Room #6: The Living Room

   The flowers appear on the earth...

-Song of Solomon 2:12

   This is my favorite room in the house, along with the kitchen. Good thing too! Bri and Tori both learned how to read on the couch in here, a time consuming task, you know ;). The living room is where Bethani learned to walk, it's the only really "open" room we have. It's where Lee and I have our nightly "dates" playing board games, watching a movie, just talking, etc. We do a good deal of our schoolwork in here and at night time we all pile on the couch and read together for awhile. We have just started the Anne of Green Gables series again, now that Tori is old enough to enjoy them. We also do a lot of our hummingbird watching from here :). Bri tried to keep a log of her hummingbird sightings but when she was writing something down every two minutes she got a bit burnt out with that pastime ;). Here is one of our little friends that Lee was able to "immortalize" from our living room window:

   The living room is decorated with a pansy theme. I love pansies, they always seem so happy. These pictures were ones that Lee took of pansies he grew for me. Anyone noticing a theme here? Lee is very creative and he has me quite spoiled :).

    Ahhh, bookshelves...We have more in the hall, the girls all have some in their room and we have books in our room as well. Yes, we love to read! I also love meaningful knick-knacks. The picture was a Christmas present from Lee last year.

The above and below pictures are close-ups of part of my willow tree collection. Lee has given me a willow tree figurine to represent my relationship with each of the children and our relationship with each other, that one is standing next to the unity candle that we used at our vow renewal ceremony a couple of years ago.


   This is my favorite wall in our home. It usually has a big blue pack-n-play, turned baby gate, sitting in front of it which kind of ruins the feel a bit, so I decided to move it for the picture ;). It was returned promptly, it is no fun trying to clean up soot tracked all over the floor...ask me how I know...

   The family picture is pretty outdated :). We'll be redoing that soon...

   The following picture is very special to me. That is Tori as a tiny tiny baby :). In the hospital room where Bri was born there was the sweetest picture of a baby in a quilt. I loved it and lamented the fact that we hadn't taken a good picture of it for Bri's baby book at least. Oddly enough, when Tori was born in Iowa, hundreds of miles away from Bri's birth state of South Carolina, that very picture was also hanging in the lobby of that maternity ward! Lee took pictures of the picture and when he couldn't find a copy he borrowed a few quilts from a friend and recreated it for me with Tori as the subject. Isn't he sweet ?!

   Lastly, as for that couch, it is currently being put to very good use ;).

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