Friday, September 1, 2006

Room #5: THE Room

     You know, the dining room/office/schoolroom :).
   We spend the greatest majority of our day here and in the living room.
   Here is our dining room area: 


   Below is our office area, where I pay bills, write emails, blog, type up my family novels newsletters, occasionally write letters (though most of them are written at the coffee table in the living room), etc..

      This is the least lovely spot in the house. I had to force myself to post this picture but it just seemed vain to "only" post the "pretty" pictures :). Anyway, this is where we keep all of our schoolbooks, a lot of our craft supplies (most of them are in the cabinet in the hall), and other "stuff".

   We don't say the pledge of allegiance every morning, but we do recite the Christian and the American pledge periodically so the girls will know them. The picture between the flags was a Christmas gift for the girls from a neighbor couple. It has a bible verse for each letter of the alphabet, I thought it was neat. The other one is our "official" certificate that our homeschool association sends us annually. Tori practically taught herself how to read with the alphabet poster I think :)! The girls have a lot of fun with the sign language alphabet poster and looking up their pen pals on the map.

  You'll never guess where I got the idea for our chalkboard set up...Barney, you know, the show starring that big purple dinosaur ;). Seriously! It was years ago when Bri was about Bethani's age I think...the only good thing we ever got from that lovely show...haha :). Anyway, I love it (The chalkboard set up, not the show ;)). We had to look pretty hard for just the right curtain and Lee painted little apples around the frame of the chalkboard (you can barely see them along the bottom in this picture...). The chalk lives elsewhere for now because Bethani couldn't seem to figure out where the chalkboard ended and the wall began...

     This was another of Lee's creations for me, maybe later he can "recreate" this picture for me so you can actually see them ;). Our school is registered as ALL Academy, which stand for "A Lesson Learned". He painted these apple plaques with each word of our school's "name" on a different one in celebration of Bri's start in Kindergarten. 

"And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children." -Isaiah 54:13


  1. You have a nice home. You and Lee have made it look so cozy and homey. I like your chalkboard and the apple plaques. Our kitchen, dining room, and living rooms are the most used rooms here too. :)

    I have enjoyed the pictures of your home!!

  2. It was fun to do, too. I think it will be neat to have these posts for thegirls, errr, *children* in the future ;). We've been here since Spring of 2003, this is the longest we have been in one home since we've been married :), it is starting to feel pretty comfortable ;).