Sunday, September 24, 2006


   Lee took me out for Mexican food tonight, you know, spicy food. Apparently I'm not the only one who is having a hard time being patient ;). In all seriousness, we're hitting a really sticky time for this baby to be born. Lee's Christmas season (ya, we can't believe it either) has already started and his one other full-time person is on vacation. This could mean some creative maneuvering schedule wise...

   The couple who lives next door to us came home from a week long vacation yesterday and, assuming we had to have had the baby by now, when they saw Lee out in the yard she pointed out that he had forgotten to put out the "blue ribbon" (baby announcement) in the yard. He told her that we haven't had the need to yet and her jaw dropped. Poor Lee has had customers come in right and left telling him congratulations on the new baby :)...

   It's getting kind of funny...

   Oh, and you should have heard the "veries" in the girls prayers tonight. If I didn't know how heartfelt they were it would almost seem sacrilegious :).


  1. Kim C. (Life in a Shoe)September 25, 2006 at 4:08 AM

    We got tired of the questions too.

    When I reached 7 days past due, I sent my husband to work one day wearing a sign on his shirt, with these words in big black letters:


  2. Can you believe it?! I've been having a lot more "serious" contracting in the last 24ish hours but I have learned not to get my hopes up at this point. The sign is a good our case I think just having a couple of shirts made with the message would be more cost effective, that way we aren't using a new piece of paper every day. Who knows how long this could take ;).

  3. Still praying for you here too. I can't imagine waiting so long, but then I guess you couln't either until now. :)

  4. Boy, you've got that right!!!