Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just Call Me "The Woman Who Cried Labor"

   My life is beginning to look a lot like a bad sitcom...grrr. I'm kind of starting to lose confidence in my ability to read my own signals, imagine that?! My first was eight days late and we never went to the hospital for false labor. Not with my second either. And we didn't even have any "false runs" with Bethani who also had me in labor off and on for weeks. Though I often asked myself "Is this it?", I was always able to answer myself eventually. When contractions were five minutes apart for over two hours last night, and eventually got down to 3 minutes, getting stronger and stronger I kept seeing myself giving birth on the interstate if we didn't go soon. The midwives keep telling me I'm probably going to go quickly once it finally starts accomplishing something. We did the whole drag-poor-Cheryl-out-of-bed-pack-up-the-car-check-into-the-hospital routine, again. Then they started spreading apart to ten minutes, back down to eight, and then...whatever. After several hours the midwife told me that I wasn't progressing (one centimeter in five hours) so I should probably go home, rest, and hope it picks up and becomes more regular and progressive. So, that's what we've done, it could take hours, it could take days. I have to say that I'm not completely disappointed that, with the assistance of a heating pad/massage mat I got an opportunity to sleep a bit but I'm getting really nervous about them completely stopping again. I just keep reminding myself that had he been born a week ago he would already be a week old and I would never have that week again, at this point I still have that part to look forward to. If we can just get through this part :).

   I like Lee's take on the situation in his post below, Baby's STUBBORN, just like his daddy ;). That's O.K., I love his daddy just the way he is :). At least Lee didn't have to work again today ;)...

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