Thursday, September 28, 2006

Any Day Now...

   I realized yesterday that we could end up with another October baby. In fact, while Bri was hoping he would be born (2+ weeks ago) on her birthday he could very well end up born on Tori's, the 2nd of October! How funny would that be?

   We went out yesterday and got prepared...again :). Our last big "before the baby shopping trip" store of supplies that we set in over a month ago has been nearly depleted. We even got a new coming home outfit, there is little chance he's going to fit into the outfit we had picked out months ago. The girls have all worn preemie size (for about a week) when they were born. I don't think that's going to happen this time...just a hunch.

   We go in tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and an appointment with the midwife. We're supposed to have made a decision about whether or not we want to try to speed this up as naturally as possible. Any prayers or advice would be greatly appreciated! Tomorrow would be a great day to be born, don't you think? Have the whole weekend ahead of you to kick back and relax ;)... Besides the biblical meaning of the number 29 is supposed to be "departure", very fitting date for leaving the only home you've ever known ;).


  1. Almost all of my six blessings were late, but well worth the wait :) My latest was 2wks past her due date, but the whole labor process took less than 2 hrs. Nothing "natural" ever sped up the process for me. As long as mom & baby are safe, I think waiting is the best. Having just lost a baby, I share the joy of your anticipation. I'll pray for you.. thanks for blogging. Beth

  2. Tomorrow would be a perfect day!! That is Benjamin's birthday!!!!

    Come baby, Andrew!!!!

  3. Beth- What a beautiful title to your comment. I am so sorry for your loss, I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to lose a child. Thank you so much for your prayers, we won't make any final desicions until after the ultrasound tomorrow (if I make it to the ultrasound, I would love to NOT make it to the ultrasound on account of being "busy ;)").

    Tanya- I totally forgot :)! Wouldn't that be fun!!!? Oh, tell Benjamin happy birthday for us, in case we don't get the opportunity tomorrow (wink, wink!).

    I know it seems like a frivilous concern but hubby's work schedule has got me kind of nervous too, he has a couple of mandatory days next week. We never imagined they would be a problem! Yes, presumptuous, we now realize that :).

  4. Hey Shelby,

    You are a SAINT! Can I just tell you that? I'd be running up and down the stairs, walking like crazy, taking castor oil...anything. You are good. I've never gone over-due and I don't plan to with this little guy. I'm praying that he is out by Saturday, lol. I will pray the same for you hun.

    Hang in there...

    Nadine (

  5. I thought about taking castor oil but, I figured, why bother if I'm just going to have a severe stomach ache afterwards :). I have tried Red Raspberry Leaf supplements and I can honestly say the have helped my contractions to strengthen and to be less erratic, but obviously nothing serious...

    As much as I would love to accept the title of "saint", I'm afraid I can't see Mother Theresa flop on the couch, well, as much as a 42+ week pregnant woman can "flop", saying, "I feel grumpy...I need ice cream..." :). Ha!

    We're leaving for our appointment with the midwife in about an hour, we'll see how it goes...