Tuesday, August 29, 2006


 Some of you already know that last Saturday was my birthday. My parents spent their first wedding anniversary walking the halls of the hospital hoping I would be an anniversary present. Stinker that I was, I just had to wait until the next day, nearly 10 hours after midnight. Many of you don't know that it was also hubby's birthday. Three years to the day before my mother was still walking the halls with me, a little boy had been born who would one day be the hero who would sweep me off my feet.
   Most people find that coincidence odd enough, they are really floored when I tell them that from a tiny girl I always said I would only marry someone who shared my birthday. Where would a child get that crazy idea? ...My parents share a birthday together! The funny thing is, when I met Lee I told my mom that day that I had met the man I was going to marry. It was a couple of weeks later before I found out his birthday was the same as mine! I invited him over for supper at my parents house (he cooked!) and the rest is, as they say, history :).
   We met while working at a McDonalds. It was my first job at fifteen, Lee was eighteen. We jokingly refer to our wee ones as our "small fry". Ya, I know, a little corny...
   Anyway, lest you're not yet all that impressed, here is a little more Shaffer birth trivia for you... Lee was born in Shelby, North Carolina; I was born in Lee county in Iowa...Lee has the same middle name as my dad (Lee)...and Lee's mom's roommate in the hospital had a little girl that they named Shelby, how funny is that?! Seriously it's in his baby book!!!

Lee & Shelby 2002

    I wouldn't want to leave you with the impression that I married Lee for his birthday ;). To the contrary, I'm pretty sure I could have been convinced even if he hadn't been born on August 26th. I mean, seriously, at eighteen he came to my home for our first date and made supper (spaghetti from scratch!) for my family! He has made me happier today than I had ever imagined I would be, even in those beginning "falling in love" days. He has servant leadership down to an art, he genuinely desires a close walk with God free of the superficial trappings of the mainstream, he is a wonderful father, unfailingly sensitive to my pregnancy hormones, a selfless provider for his family, and he always knows when I need chocolate or ice cream without my ever having to say anything ;). Ahhh, true love!


  1. Adorable picture! :) You guys look great.

  2. Sweet picture, Shelby. I thought Leif and I were doing pretty good with his b-day Nov 29 and mine Nov 30. :)

    I enjoyed reading your birth trivia. :)

  3. No he hasn't forgotten, but he will ask is it the 28th?? :) He forgets if it is before or after his. :)

    I was also going to mention, my mom's due date with me was not until Dec 31, so I was in a hurry, almost made it on time!! :)

  4. you were in a hurry!

    Leif does have the advantage in the fact that your birthday comes after his :).

    I'm wondering what this baby is going to do. I really haven't had many uncomfortable contractions the last couple of days. Of course, I've been sooo busy, maybe I just haven't noticed as much...