Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wow, you gals were right...

...boys are more difficult!!! This little one isn't even born yet and he's already lost a little blue bootie to the washing machine!


  1. LOL. I think girls are harder, actually. They are way more hormonal than boys. Boys can just go run off their energy. girls just cry and cry. I swear, my 5 yo get's PMS more often than I do :D That's something they should warn you about before you leave the hospital LOL.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement ;) four year old is the same way! If you just look at her wrong she becomes a pool of tears.

  3. I agree with ecclecticchaos... I think girls are harder than boys to raise. lol can't think of a reason right now... mind is blank. Guess I better go and get another cup of java!!! Best wishes on the new little one... when he arrives. I'm sure he'll bring much happieness to you.

  4. My 10 month old boy has 3 big sisters. I would say that they are all different and challenging in their own way. I have noticed that he loves noise though!

    Congratulations on #4!!!

  5. I agree both have there challenges. :) Boy are more active and loves noise, at least that is what I have experience so far. :)

  6. Hey there Shelby!

    How are you doing? I hope you're indoors keeping cool! We pregnant mamas need to be extra careful in this weather. Take care and send me an email when you have a sec.


  7. If I was the sort to fish for comments I think I have figured out the best approach :). Write your shortest post ever and then don't post anything for a few days :). Two of you have said that boys love noise, that's a scary thought :). Do you know how noisy mygirls are?! :)