Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Update...

  Well, Lee is back at work today. He is doing much better, though still pretty stiff, sore, and desperately wanting some "real" food, poor guy. He spent nearly all of his time off working on the car. Really, it isn't that old! everything just decided to go out at once!. It drove home from the mechanics great and then the very next day the radiator sprung a leak and the fans went out! So, when I said in a former post that we should have just bought a new car, we're just pretending we did ;). I see it as a blessing that we were able to take care of everything now (though maybe the timing could have been a little better?!) instead of everything going out on us during the trip we are planning up north in the late spring next year. What a vacation that could have been!
   So, life should be settling back to a sort of normal again for a few weeks, but only a few :)! That predictable nesting instinct should be coming over me any day now, I think I'm too exhausted at this moment for it to kick in ;)! Only seven weeks tomorrow to go before baby's due date, and if these contractions are anything to go by I'm not expecting to actually make it that long...ouch!!!

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