Sunday, July 16, 2006

That Sweet Thrill

Poor Bethani has not felt well the last couple of days now. She's getting in her first molar and apparently it's not going very smoothly :(. Yesterday after her nap I got her up and she was in one of those snuggle moods and didn't want to be put down, so I took advantage of the situation and rocked her for awhile. After about five minutes she leaned back, looked at me, and smiled so big :), like "my world is right now mom!"  and ran off :). As I sat there looking into her clear blue eyes for those brief moments it swept over me again, as it has a thousand times, but I still get a sweet thrill every time it happens :)...These are THE children I dreamed of while I was a little girl growing up! The children I prayed for. The children I was sure I would name after my dolls ;). The children I wondered about when I was babysitting other people's children. The children I made The List for...I will do this, won't do that, you know :). And now, praise the Lord, these are the "Children whom the Lord has given me"  Isaiah 8:18.
    Here's a touch of irony for you...a few posts ago I mentioned that I had just picked up a package of diapers for the new baby (still two months to go before the due date). Note to self- next time you pick up diapers for the child who doesn't even need them yet, pick up a package for the one who does! Luckily, Lee should be back home today before I make it through the diaper bag stash ;). Just in case, anyone have any ideas on how to get newborn sized diapers to fit a 14 month old? Haha :).


  1. Lilyofthevalley4July 16, 2006 at 4:34 PM

    Did you get the diapers in time? :) I have run out before too. This time around I am using cloth, I have enjoyed it too. Aren't the newborn diapers do tiny! :)

  2. We got the diapers with one to spare :). I ADMIRE you for using cloth diapers :). I tried them with Bri and I just couldn't handle it. But, we went with the traditional kind that are a little work, maybe I will try one of these "new-fangled" kind someday :).