Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What a Day!

Yesterday morning Lee called to say his "friend" was back. He has had a homeless guy coming and staying in his store a lot lately and he is torn between "I was thirsty and you gave me drink/entertaining angels unawares" (it is a christian bookstore), and "a man who won't work won't eat/a need to make his store a comfortable and safe place for his many female employees to work. His spirit is uncomfortable with having the guy forcibly thrown out but he hasn't been led any other way yet and it has been a source of stress all this last week.
   My yesterday consisted of very uncomfortable (read *painful*) contractions all day long. These are normal for me by 30 weeks, they were just worse from not being able to keep hydrated is HOT down here! On top of that I had a splitting headache and a baby who for the first time in her life (really!) wouldn't settle down for her nap, etc.
   Yesterday evening it only got *better* :). Hubby found someone who was glad to come in for some extra hours and was coming home early -with Ben & Jerry's :)- to redeem my day...and instead he got to come home and say, "I think the transmission is going" and explained his ordeal in trying to get home going 35 miles an hour the whole way!
  Then the baby decided she didn't want her supper anymore...after I had laid her down for the night...and she spewed it all over her crib, the floor, the wall, the toy box, toys, you get the picture...
   On a brighter note, Abigail Paul chose a picture my husband took of the girls for the cover picture of her Hidden Wisdom magazine! It had arrived Monday but I didn't get a chance to read her editorial until yesterday while lying down with Bethani trying to get her to nap. It was such an encouragement to me yesterday of all days! I especially enjoyed the quote she gave by Elizabeth Elliot, "And when we find ourselves most hopeless, the road most taxing, we may also find that it is then that the Risen Christ catches up to us on the way, better than our dreams, beyond all our hopes. For it is He-not His gifts, not His power, not what He can do for us, but He Himself-who comes and makes Himself known to us. And this is the one pure joy for those who sorrow. "
   Life is stressful! In many ways right now I feel like a four-year-old with her father over her showing her how to clean her room...there are little voices all around, both in my head and outside of myself saying your never going to get it clean enough, why bother even trying? Why not sit here and relax with your Magna Doodle ;)?
God is standing over me right now. He's asking me to do things that are hard, but I can't give up just because I'll never be perfect. One of these days he's going to say, "Well done good and faithful servant". No, I didn't make it to perfection in my humanness but I did what my Father asked of me, and He says that is good enough. Nothing more and nothing less.
   "But if people have doubts about whether they should eat something, they shouldn't eat it. They would be condemned for not acting in faith before God. If you do anything that you believe is not right, you are sinning."
~Romans 14:23


  1. Lilyofthevalley4July 12, 2006 at 4:57 PM

    (((((Hugs to my friend)))))

    Keep looking up to Jesus!

    I haven't received the new HW yet, that is neat she chose your picture.

    I hope today went alot better. Praying for you!!

  2. Lilyofthevalley4July 13, 2006 at 6:08 AM

    I just received HW today and read some of it while nursing Benjamin just before his nap. Abigail's editorial was a blessing! Your girls are precious, I saw your letter too. :) Neat!!

    God bless you!!

  3. Hi Tanya!

    Yesterday was quite an improvement but very wearing. I'm kind of a homebody when I'm expecting so all of the running around was pretty exhausting :). We had to rent a car to get Lee to work (we're a one car family, if I HAVE the car I will use it and I will probably be using it to spend money :) Lee thinks we need another one so we'll probably get one sometime soonish, we'll see...) and taking the van in. Then we hung around town for a while in hopes that the guy would know pretty soon what we needed to do, in the end he didn't call until this morning. We're still not sure exactly what is wrong with the van but we got some *encouraging* news that it could have to do with a recall so it will be MUCH cheaper to fix (if that's the case). The bad news was that the guy we took it to couldn't work on it if it has to do with a recall so we have been running around again all day getting the car moved from one place to another and other little errands. I usually have my Hidden Wisdom read in a couple of days and I've hardly begun it this time :). I am ready for a day of rest :)!!! But in the next day or two we will probably have to go pick the van back up :). NOT that I'm complaining :), I can't wait to get this over with!

  4. Lilyofthevalley4July 14, 2006 at 2:54 AM

    I hope your van is fixed soon!! I enjoy our days at home too. I know it can be very tiring when out all day.

    God bless you!!