Thursday, July 20, 2006


Our van is safely home and working great :). AND it was even a couple of hundred less than the estimate! Of course, when you're going on three grand... Well, a couple of hundred is something anyway :). On top of that good news, we learned that our insurance IS going to cover some of hubby's surgery after all, his last minute visit from his boss went great, and I think Bethi's over her teething phase (she popped three teeth in no time flat!).
   Prayers for hubby would be greatly appreciated! He's going in in the morning for oral surgery, getting some impacted wisdom teeth taken out. He had quite the fight with the insurance company. Dental said it was covered by medical, medical said it was covered by dental. As a last ditch effort the other day he called the lady in charge of insurance at the home office and she got something done! Lee isn't the type that flops on the couch in a fetal position when he gets a splinter, he's even worked through the flu before and he's scheduled himself back to work by Tuesday. He's a tough guy. But, I'm sure this isn't going to be a picnic either and I really don't want to see him suffer. He's only getting a local anesthetic instead of letting them knock him out. I told him today maybe he ought to go for the general anesthesia and he said if I can go through labor and delivery drug-free then he can get his wisdom teeth out on a local, haha :).
   I got quite the compliment tonight while we perused the aisles at Wal-Mart looking for mushy foods for Lee to eat over the next few days :). A pastor that comes into Lee's store a lot saw him and came over to say hello. He told Lee, "I didn't see you back there, I didn't know they were yours, but I saw your girls a couple of aisles over and thought, 'that must be a christian lady'. You don't see girls dressed so pretty and modest anymore.". I thought it was encouraging  not because we're being complimented on our appearances but because it makes me realize anew that just as a mom walking down the aisles at Wal-Mart with my little ones I am being an effective ambassador of the kingdom of Christ. Hair combing and bow tying is part of my mission field, when done for the glory of God :).
"Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." ~
1 Corinthians 10:31


  1. So glad you had a good week! I'll pray for Lee, I had my wisdom teeth out a couple of years ago, I let them "knock me out". Recovery was not so bad, just the first day or so it was sore and my mouth was stiff or a while.

    Compliments can be so encouraging! :) We can be a light to so many!

    By the way your letter arrived today! Such a blessing!! :)

  2. Hey Tanya,

    Lee is doing pretty well. Poor guy, on the way home from the oral surgeon the car started MAJORLY overheating (so much for "running great" :)). Turns out we now have a hole in the radiator and the fans have quit working for some reason...whoa! He was out already today trying to work on it but the heat was really doing a number on the swelling. There really isn't any more he can do until the auto parts stores open on Monday, nobody can call him lazy :). Bet he can't wait to get back to work on Tuesday, maybe he'll finally get a break ;)!

  3. AMEN!!!!

    You worded this post just lovely...I also just love when we get such positve compliments when we're out and about. It is good reinforcement. We tend to attract attention because we have 3 children and I'm hugely pregnant right now, but, people tend to be always pleasantly surprised by how well behaved my girls are. I can take none of the glory, (as much I'd like to, LOL). It is all Him.

    It is always so refreshing to see a mom who sees her children and home as their mission field and ministry. Keep up this important work!

    Nadine (aka//

  4. Hi Nadine!

    Thank you for our words of encouragement :).

    What a great responsibility motherhood is, not only are you raising the next generation but you are simultaneously being an example, in word and deed to this one!

    May we always be seen as "salty" salt =) !!!