Monday, June 26, 2006

Third Trimester Insomnia

    That is why I have had the time to make two posts in one day :). I don't remember having it with Bethani or Tori. It was really bad with Bri but, being my first, I was able to nap through out the day if I needed to. The last two nights I have averaged four hours of sleep and my morning sickness is worse than ever, probably from being tired. Yet, as they say, "this too shall pass", and a year from now I'll wish the time had moved even more slowly.
   The girls are sitting at the table; Bri with her cursive lesson, Tori with her "math", and Bethi with her color book. The last few days Bethani has had to get up in her little booster seat with a crayon and color book, her "school",  any time the other two are at the table working. It is so cute :).
   We had a cozy Father's Day. Bri made Lee a Maple Twist Coffee Cake all by herself for breakfast. He already knew that we were making his favorite cherry cookies and a pumpkin pie so he wasn't expecting the coffee cake. Bri made it last year as well and had used vanilla instead of maple flavoring in the dough by accident so she did it again this year, on purpose, for "tradition's sake" :). The girls had cut out their own confetti and brought it out in little cups from their kitchen set. The idea, of course, was to come out and shower daddy with the confetti while shouting "Happy Father's Day!". Well, Tori had never done this before and threw the whole cup, pelting him with papers and something a little harder, to make it even funnier they did it from behind :). He was definitely taken by surprise :)! Don't worry, it didn't hurt ;). We put the girls hand prints on a T-shirt for him. I wish I had run the video camera when I was doing that with them all by myself! And we gave him a table top game house, he has been trying to teach me to play checkers on it :). We played three times last night and of course he won every time! Now, doesn't it make sense to you all that a mom should be great at checkers?! Is it not in the very fiber of a mother to be aware of every situation and tuned in to every possible crisis that could at any moment befall any of her children? Have you other moms never had to "rescue" three little people, or more,  at one time? Well, you would think that would translate into a great checkers would think... :).
   Lee got me a digital camera yesterday! I don't actually have it yet, it will take a few days to receive and then he's got to teach me how to use it :). It looks rather imposing but I'm feeling kind of brave after what I accomplished on my blog the other day :). I'm hoping it will make it easier to keep up with pictures, we have five rolls sitting here just waiting to be developed! I'm hoping to get some practice in after it comes by posting a few pictures of our home and maybe a "Day In Our Life" post, I think that would be fun. But, for now I'll leave you with the most recent picture of my three mini-maidens, don't they look "rosy in red"?

   Now, I'm off to cut out a dress for Bri. With the choices in the stores these days I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will likely be making a lot of the girls clothing someday in the future, I better start perfecting my technique now!


  1. awe,

    they look ADORABLE in red, beautiful girls!! I love that your youngest wants to colour "school" with the others, my 2 year old does the same. Hope the sleeplessness goes away soon so that you can rest up before the new member of your family arrives.

  2. I'm feeling much better today! Hubby brought home supper and then took over while I napped on and off all evening and I even got some sleep last night, yeah! Luckily the baby is sleeping through the night now, for the most part, or I would really be suffering :).

  3. Lilyofthevalley4June 27, 2006 at 5:35 PM

    That is a sweet picture of your girls! I'll have to show it to my girls. :) Hope you can get some rest too. :) Your Father's day sounded like fun. I need to get Sarah baking more...

  4. Thanks Tanya :). Bri loves to cook and she really does well. I started her out pretty slow but she really surprised me but what she could do. She's begged me to let her chop but I'm just not there yet :).

  5. I find for myself I need patience when they are working in the kitchen... I'm learning. :) When we do do it, we usually have lots of fun. :)

  6. It would almost always be quicker and a lot less messy to just do it myself. I am a really "clean cook". I put everything away as they're used and rinse the dishes as I use them. Hubby doesn't and Bri has picked up his style :). But, I've gotten pretty good at just giving them some space :). As long as she cleans up the mess she makes I can handle it :). Lee makes us breakfast a couple of mornings a week most weeks and he has actually done a lot of the "beginner's cooking" with thegirls, he is so patient and it is so cute to watch them together.

  7. Lilyofthevalley4July 5, 2006 at 4:03 PM

    That is the thing, I'm left to clean up. LOL :) We are working on that and I like your idea about giving them abit of space. :) Since it is summer and we are not doing school work, I'm hoping to give the girls some learning time in the kitchen. I like your idea of muffin Monday, what other ones to you have?