Saturday, April 15, 2006

Summer Days Are Here Again!

  Yes, I know that should be "spring days" but down here in South Carolina we don't get much of a spring...
     We have a busy, busy day tomorrow of celebration in our Lord! We will make our traditional "Resurrection Buns" (a sweet roll that is hollow when you bite into it) and will remind ourselves of the glory of our risen Lord. Praise God for His infinite grace and mercy! Tomorrow is also Bri's 3rd "Heavenly Birthday". Isn't that neat? This year the celebration of her inclusion into the eternal family of God falls on Resurrection Sunday, how special! And lastly, April's (our dog's) birthday is tomorrow as well, Ha! We will try to make it a special one for her since it is probably the last one she will spend here with our family :(. She's been very unhappy here in our "little house in the suburbs" and she needs a lot more attention than we can give her. I told Lee I think our dog suffers from ADD :). We've known for over a year that we would have to do something, we probably should have done it sooner. We've always known it would be really hard but we have to do this for her sake. My sister is helping us find a really good home for her :). If you think God cares about puppies (and I do!) then could you send up a little prayer for April?
   Here's something "thought provoking" to sign off with ;). I went to the grocery store to get an angel food cake mix for Bri's heavenly birthday and they didn't have one!!! Not in any brand!!! I told Lee, "Of course, they had a devil's food cake mix...". Isn't that just like the world?!

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