Tuesday, April 4, 2006


   I am a pretty predictable person. While we do eat a good variety of different things we usually eat the same variety of things, and Rice Crispies isn't one of them, they have just never made it onto our bi-weekly grocery list. My mom had made some rice crispie treats for the girls yesterday. Tori loved them and I thought that they would be really easy for her to do, so last night when we stopped at the grocery store I got the ingredients to mix them up sometime. Well, it was a big deal to have a new cereal in the house when breakfast time rolled around and that was what Tori wanted...until mommy said, "Guess what?! They talk!". Well, at that moment she decided that she didn't really want them after all...talking food?! I opened the box knowing that once I demonstrated she would be fine with them and sitting there in the top of the box was a toy car, now this utterly flabbergasted her :)!! A toy in her food?! What next?! After she got over that shock, I poured her a bowl of the cereal and she heard the crackle and heaved quite the sigh of relief. So, I've already had a good chuckle for the day and I thought I would pass it on, although it won't be quite as good without her facial expressions.
   We had a great time at Mom's, and my sisters gave me the sweetest Willow Tree piece of a little angel holding a conch shell up to her ear. We also spent some time shopping in Spartanburg and FINALLY found enough clothing for Bri to round out her wardrobe. People do not sell feminine clothing anymore, everything is either WAY too short, too tight, sleeveless, too fancy for just any day, or has something written across the if we want to draw people's attention there on our little (and especially our not so little anymore) girls, for pity's sake.
   And now I must go dig the next size of little clothes out of storage for Bethani before I go shopping again so next time when I tell myself, "But she doesn't really need it.", I might believe me :).
A merry heart does good, like medicine...
Proverbs 17:22
Have you had your giggle today?!

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