Thursday, April 6, 2006

A Funny Moment, A Sweet Moment...

  The other day we told the girls we would have a movie night and after supper they bounded into the kitchen to ask what we would be watching. Well, Lee loves to make the girls look at him like, "Are you serious?" so he blurted out the first thing he could think of that they would NOT want to watch..."Star Wars!", he says :). Bri looked horrified! "We can't watch Star Wars!!! Tori is afraid of Yoga!", that wasn't a typo, she said Yoga :). Tori is terrified of that little green guy, she won't even walk by the posters at Wal-Mart without moral support! Lee and I were laughing so hard and Bri says, "What?! That's his name isn't it?!" and Tori pipes up, "No! It's Yogi!", which set us off on round two of hysterical laughter :).
Note-The girls have never seen Star Wars. They only know about it because, aside from the Wal-Mart posters, they gave Lee the set of the older ones for Fathers Day one year, with mommy's help... just to clarify :).
   Now for the sweet moment! Yesterday Tori, Bethi, and I were watching the turtles and Bethi started pointing at them because she was just so excited. Pointing is a new skill of hers and she likes to do it often. There is just something about the way a baby points that makes you want to kiss their sweet little face but I had never put it into words before. Well, Tori looks at Bethani and smiles from ear to ear and says, in her "big sister baby talk voice"..."You have the prettiest point Bethani, yes you do, you have the prettiest point...". Oh, melt my heart! 

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