Saturday, April 8, 2006

It's Not Easy Being 4...

...especially when your mom asks you to pick out a canned soup and you can't read. Bri and I told her what each one was and she finally settled on Split Pea and Ham. I tried to dissuade her, suspecting that she wouldn't really love it but she likes peas and loves ham so, in her mind, how bad could it be?
   It's really not easy being eight. I've been told it's akin to torture when you have enough experience to actually know what your looking forward to ;)!
   Lee closes at the store on Tuesdays and Fridays, typically, and on those days I will feed the girls something simple for supper. Well, I put it off for as long as I could but the time finally came to get it over with :). I called the girls to supper and the first thing out of Bri's mouth..."It's green!!!". A minute later Tori sits down, peeks into her bowl,and says, "It's green!!!" She was determined not to eat it and Bri was convinced she couldn't eat anything runny and green. When Tori had to get up to get something I added some red food coloring, HA! It made this awful salmon color but, hey! at least it wasn't green anymore! She was obviously startled when she got back to her seat and wanted to know how it changed colors, I told her I had added something I put in cookies and asked her if it was better. "Yep", she answered. A minute later I heard Bri skeptically ask, "Does it really taste better?". "Nope", she answered. Well, they choked it down and maybe she'll believe me next time ;). This morning Tori blurts out from out of nowhere, "Green soup, yuck!". It made a great learning experience! As the girls finished eating we talked about how God, in His grace, doesn't always give us what we think we want, but what He does give us will always be for our ultimate good, even if we are disappointed at first. Would you rather have green split pea soup right now, or would you rather let God, in His wisdom and counsel, guide you to the chicken noodle soup :).
As a bonus, here's what you get when you cross "prairie princesses" with a unit study on Daniel Boone (those are over-sized flowers the girls are "hunting" with :).

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